We can be of service in the following areas:

  • sales/(letting) guidance (complete or partial)
  • purchase guidance
  • valuations

How will we assist you in the sales/(letting) process?

We will start by providing you with an offer that includes a recommendation on the asking price, the sales/(letting) strategy and the manner of presentation. We will arrange for a brochure, photography, floor plans and a digital sales file.
Next, your property will be placed on Funda, registered with the NVM (the Dutch association of real estate agents) and the MVA (the association of estate agents in Amsterdam) and added to our own website. If necessary, we will examine the land register, the environmental services, municipal agencies and the homeowners association. We will highlight the unique selling points of your property in its description. You can count on expert guidance of prospective buyers during viewings and professional negotiations with the (broker of) the buyer.
Finally, we will organize the signing of the purchase deed at the notary’s office, as well as the entire process before, during and after the delivery of the property. We can also provide partial guidance in case you have already found a potential buyer yourself. This may involve advice about the strategy to be followed and the negotiations, or informing the buyers in more detail and guidance regarding the purchase agreement and the legal transfer.

How will we assist you in the purchase process?

Your housing preferences and wishes will be identified. We provide information about the properties, which meet your selection criteria, on a daily basis and will send the current offers to you by email (using the automated network of the NVM).
If you have found the house of your dreams, we will assess the property and guard you from any potential pitfalls regarding the legal and structural state of the house. We will examine the leasehold (if applicable), the homeowners association, the zoning plan and, if so desired, the possibilities for extensions to the home. If necessary or desired, we can arrange a structural survey for you, for example with regard to the foundation, environmental pollution or the presence of asbestos.
Similar to the sales process, you can depend on it that the negotiations regarding a property purchase will be handled professionally with (the estate agent of) the seller, with the aim of achieving the best possible purchase price. You will not have to worry about anything and we will advise you, among other things, about reaching agreement on the delivery time and buying movable property. If required, we will introduce you to a mortgage advisor, structural engineer, valuer, building contractor or notary.
Finally, we will accompany you at the viewing, the legal transfer and the actual delivery.

How will we assist you in case of a valuation?

We can draw up an valuationreport to apply for a mortgage, partition, succession, at the request of a court of law or an amicable assessment. The fact that banks and other third parties require a valuation in accordance with the so-called NWWI standard in those cases is no problem for us at all.